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Phil Gerbyshak

Looks like this is going to be quite an adventure. Thanks for doing this for all of us who need it Jason.

Andi Alstot

I am honored and thrilled to participate. As a professional, single mother of two sons and an aspiring competitive athlete, I oft think that the only factor holding me back is my mind. I am ready to be more, give more back, achieve more and lead the hearts of my friends who wonder how I manage what I minimally do already.
I am thrilled to participate.
Best and happy holidays,

Jason Womack

Nik (et al),

Look for the first activity to post in the next week. The program will follow the three steps of a successful coaching program:
- Assessment
- Strategic Planning
- Implementation

Nik Chapapas

All right Jason! let's do this thing, huh? :). I'm excited!

Jason Womack

Thanks, Roland, I agree...a teacher of mine continued to impress upon me the power of consistency.

Also, I like to remember we're just going for efficiency:
skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort

(as defined by: wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn)

roland greco

Jason, I know anyone that signs up and sticks to your program will be much better off than when they started. The conversations that you and I have had over the last 10 weeks have been extremely helpful. I am right on track in reaching my goal of losing 20 lbs. The tips you have offered have really helped the mental side of focusing on my goal. You can't do the exercise for me, but you have helped get me in the correct frame of mind to help prepare me each day to take the little steps required to reach my goal.

Jason Womack

Yes, it's going to be a great program. I've got a lot of ideas, and all the activities (except the workouts of course...that's up to each person!) will be 5-15 minutes in length. The cumulative effect, however, should be great as the 12-week program unfolds.

Nathan Paul Womack

Jason, this looks like a great idea. Looking forward to what I can achieve going through this program in January-March 2006!

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