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Jason Womack


Thanks for this note. Nathan (www.TheNewLongTerm.com) was the one who mentioned the "why" of goal setting.

I hope your notecards prove to be valuable going forward!

More to come next week...

Rich Eisenhuth

Thanks for the teleseminar this morning. I vowed not to sleep till I moved forward on the team concept. Somebody in the conference added the "why" is essential. My action was to take a notecard and write the "why" on one side and the members of the team on the other. I feel great about this simple action. Thanks for sharing this morning.

Jason Womack


That's a good one. The first book I ever read (and still reference it regularly) was "Think And Grow Rich."

Here's one site I found:

Here is a link "about" the 17 Principles: http://www.naphill.org/successprofile/questionnaire.asp
(This was good, I thought. My score: 67)


Jason, I really enjoyed the seminar this morning. It gave me a lot to think about and I am going to work this weekend (hopefully) drafting some teams for my life. You mentioned Napolean Hill, and said that any of his works are good, but is there one that you "could not live without"? I was thinking of getting "Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success : The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement" and wanted to know your thoughts on it.

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