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Lisa Snider

Jodi - thanks for sharing! The tables are turning for me as next month I will not be waiting at the finish line for my runner - I, too, will be crossing the finish line (I hope)!

Jodi Womack

Hi Lisa,

I'm the happy groupie. Usually for early morning races, I have my latte, my dog, and a camera.

This was a cute community event with the kids "race", it lasted all of 5 minutes or so. And the rubber chicken throwing contest. And the Mr. & Ms. Drumstick competition! Too funny. Very creative and old fashioned "we-know-it's-hokie" sort of way.

Lots of people with dogs and babies out for the holiday morning. I actually really enjoyed seeing people spending the day together like this - outside, doing something healthy and doing something together.

We had a great dinner with my folks later that day, then were off to Yosemite for the rest of the long weekend. What a treat!

Best wishes,


Lisa Snider

Hey Jason, way to go! As a fellow "runner's widow," I would love to know Jodi's perspective!

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