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Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

I'm always amazed at how easily/quickly an "ah-ha" moment can come in. Great work, and keep it up!

The "2-minute" rule (or 10-minute, or 45-minute, whatever you want to try) is a great way to go about getting started. I know this morning, on the treadmill, I told myself I'd "run for 20 minutes, and then see how I feel." The next time I looked down, over 27 minutes had passed by, and I was well on my way to 35!

Just get started...


I had this same thought on Friday while in a writing seminar. I had never thought of breaking the writing of articles down to four stages (Prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.)

This enlightenment made me think about my processing in to my GTD system. I rarely take the 2 minutes to kick start something- draft a mindmap, make a project blueprint... I have realized that I am doing myself a big disservice. Breaking everything down to the granular level really frees you up on multiple levels.

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