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Great idea Jason, thanks.

p.s - your feed is not being picked up in my reader since 10/12/07, all my other feeds seem OK.

Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

A lot of people find themselves plagued with procrastination. They tend to put off the things they can do today simply because they feel that they have already done enough or because the task is just too difficult. To get over it, we need to practice self-discipline and to make a conscious effort to move forward.

Mike Williams


Great post. I really liked this paragraph:

"I have a mission, before I am done on the planet, to take the “I-do-not-have-enough-time” excuse out of our everyday vocabulary. To replace it, I hope people will say, “I am choosing to start small.”"

I recently wrote a post on choosing to start small, really small, that may interest you. It also leads to a great book on the subject.


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