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David Baillie

Jason - Wow! How timely. Today (the 13th) we cranked up our annual cycle of group sharing around, "how are you doing meeting your goals?" and "where do you want to aim in 2009? Over the next 90 - 120 days?" As you participated in our process last year, I know you can imagine how it went. We are recalling where we were a year ago when we were working together on goal setting and how to retain focus. Overall, I can say without a doubt, that our goal-achievement to goals-set ratio is much closer to "100%" than a year ago. Why? Clearer more specific goals? Goals we relate to better? Setting 90 - 120 mini-goals? I guess it's all about maintaining focus and energy. Thanks for the mentoring and sharing of all the tips and tricks to help us along our way. You know, 2008 has been great!! We're looking forward to Seeing you in 2009 for our "Nine will be real fine!" kick-off. -Dave

Sarah Cook

Asking for help absolutely does “help”. I think that a lot of people want to give others the impression that they are 100% professional and have it all together. Asking for help may seem as if you are less confident or not so savvy in your field. But Jason, I’m with you! When you ask for help, you get all kinds of benefits such as accountability, motivation, resources that will actually encourage you to follow through. Bouncing your ideas off of people makes the vision clearer and more doable. Hearing suggestions allows you to gain new perspectives and insights that may prove vital to your achieving your goals.

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