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I follow you on your main address on Twitter.
Why do you use two other addresses?

Roseli A. Bakar

I think most internet marketers will appreciate the value of twitter :)

Nick Wagner

Hi Jason. At first, I didn't get what all the fuss what about with Twitter. But then I realized it has two strengths for me. The first is branding. I don't twitter so much about how my day is going or what I'm eating for lunch. I try to provide interesting content for my audience related to my blog focus (Christian initiation).

And that's its second strength. I use Twitter to reach out to those who might be potential readers for my blog. The blog is where I post in-depth content, and I use Twitter to offer tidbits of the kind of thing folks might find on the blog.

I'm curious about the value of having three Twitter identities. Are you offering different "brands" under each one? I have trouble keeping up with a single Twitter account. Can't imagine maintaining three.

My Twitter account is @teamrcia and my blog is TeamRCIA.com. Keep up the great work you are doing.


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