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Alice Tanner

Be flexible! I was asked to move to a different flight once and it turned out that a 2-stopper turned into a non-stopper! How cool was that??
Be courteous and respectful! A guy in front of me at the rental car counter was really nasty to the clerk about a slight delay which was not the clerk's fault. I was pleasant, courteous and upbeat. I drove out in a free upgrade, a brand new Cadillac with 9 miles on it; the guy in front of me drove out in the econo-box he had rented. I still smile every time I think of this!
Be helpful! What goes around comes around and we all need help sometimes :-)

Jodi Womack

Here are some of mine:
1. Ask for what you want. It's amazing how often this works.
2. Be generous. There is an abundance. Be part of it.
3. Be genuine. Say what you mean and you'll save a ton of time in miscommunications and other drama.
4. Be playful. That's where I find joy.
5. Be real. Perfection is a harmful myth. Being authentic is the path to real connection.
xoxo Jodi

Nursing tops

agree with this post! very much, i could really relate on this. thanks this is a brilliant posting!

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