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Detours alternative

Oh nice view! Lots of buildings! only few tall buildings hmm i guess that was before..right?

Brenda Spandrio

Applications like the iPEP (interactive Productive Environment Platform) enable virtual collaboration -- no longer have to schedule a meeting and wait to give or receive input on a project. Each workspace is like having a special office for each project. That being said, there is always a need for different perspective, as you pointed out.

Alice Tanner

You have hit on the 3 things I always focus on first. Past that, I always recommend tackling projects in bite-sized steps. Doing this by putting pen to paper helps me formulate a plan and stick to it! When I cross off the "bites" I know I am making meaningful progress.


Jason ... how about think big and act small. By that I mean give yourself the room to move about expansively but keep your focus on the nitty gritty doing at a level that is manageable. If the thinking isn't big enough you cap what is possible; if actions at the do-able level aren't small enough you will get lost in that expanse.

Enjoyed your thoughts on this topic.

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