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I agree Jason! When I write stuff down... it HAPPENS. Meaning either I take action on it, OR things that I want to have happen start showing up, without explanation. This works. Thanks for writing about it. :)

Dr. Frank Buck

I did something very similar with my faculty my last year as a principal. During the first faculty meeting of the year, each of us, including me wrote a letter to ourselves as if the year had ended and we were recounting the events of the years and all we had accomplished. We all sealed our enveloped and put them away to open at the end of the year. I have never heard a room so silent in all my life, but at the same time, you could feel the electricity in the air. I got the idea from a mutual friend, Barbara Blackburn.


That's really neat, Jason! Reminded me of this website http://www.futureme.org where you can write something to yourself and the site will email you the note in the future. Same concept, just slightly higher tech. Have a great new year!

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