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Jason, I love this post and this philosophy. (And I love the pic of you and Jodi!) I've recently been asking myself "What's the worst that can happen?" when it comes to putting myself out there and asking for what I want. Will I always get it? Of course not. But what happens if we don't ask? Nothing at all. It pays to push a bit beyond the comfort zone. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.


i always say: ask for what you want because you'll never get it if you don't... so great blog post.. and you guys look amazing in the cockpit (hi jodi!)

Daniel Richman

Wow, I don't what to "ask" for....I would "like" an iPod Touch, preferably older model, (I don't believe in buying new, expensive things...) I would "like" a website that drives traffic, with as little out of pocket cost as possible, to benefit my growing business. I would "like" the ability to raise my hourly rates FOR my business (without losing precious clientéle), to further promote my travelling/driving across this great country, to visit my family in Maine. I would like so many things in this consumer-driven land of enchantment, but sadly I don't "need" anything, as long as I have my family of 3, my grandmother-in-law, and my cat to guide my way. Great question, Jason!

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